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2011-02-06 11:07 PM
Sri Lanka
Great work... Can u plz add more advanced lessons on C++ with using OOP. Need to learn about constructors, destructors and other advanced concepts.

2011-02-01 11:08 AM
Sri Lanka
Dreat ITgroup is what kuppiya team,as that web site is very usefull and interesting , please, uploade the data structuers parts for us..Thank You.

2011-01-31 03:08 PM
Sri Lanka
Do you have any "windows 7" note??? If it is there pls uploiad it........

2011-01-30 07:14 AM
Sri Lanka
elama wagema tawath videos hadanna shakthiya labewa

gihan lahiru
2011-01-28 09:24 AM
Sri Lanka
max ahhh ela kiri wadak....

2011-01-26 11:09 PM
Sri Lanka
Great Work.... Thanks a lot and Well done.!! Smile

Namal Sirikumara
2011-01-24 10:50 PM
Sri Lanka
Cool... Cool.... I like this Thankx....Cool

2011-01-20 03:24 AM
Sri Lanka
Was quite helpful.. Thanks guys.. Willing to add a video on presentation creation with some basic tips that we could use while doing a presentation to gain max attention towards the presenter... All the best for you future work. Smile ..... Wink

2011-01-15 08:51 PM
Sri Lanka
I’m interested in learning JAVA language but, working in a different field-Molecular Biology. Recently, I started to learn about IT and I need to collect some basics of many topics.  Especially, the JAVA and C++ from the beginning/with basics. Please help me.

nisal perera
2011-01-15 02:06 AM
Sri Lanka
need more visual effects tutorials.. please send logo animation lessons please.

harshana sameeraka
2011-01-14 05:25 PM
Sri Lanka
Mama Horana taxila cental college eke Computer Resource Centre eke Java Course eka karanawa.ape sir thamai kiuwe coputer cource egena ganne me site eka hodatama hodai kiyala.ethin thanx a lot .thama new videos upload kaloth mata please email ekak ewanna.

2011-01-14 10:57 AM
Sri Lanka
Can u add the
Dreamweaver new lessions???

2011-01-14 01:11 AM
Sri Lanka
Just got to know about this site from a friend and had a glance through... This is quite nicely done and superb initiative... Watched few videos and those are pretty well organized. Since the teaching is in Sinhalese most our IT interested youth will grab the technology soon. All the very best Kuppiya team and good luck!

2011-01-11 04:02 PM
Sri Lanka
Please add jomla tutorials

Thilanka Perera
2011-01-11 08:04 AM
Sri Lanka
If I'm good in PHP now, the credit should go to kuppiya. All the best people. Great service.

2011-01-10 11:39 AM
Sri Lanka
What a work man Very good..Plz add more video.I wish u all the best

2011-01-06 04:08 PM
Sri Lanka
Greate work mate. Please do add more videos.

2011-01-05 10:12 PM
Sri Lanka
All da best aiya!!! great work..........!!!

2011-01-04 02:11 PM
Sri Lanka
Great Work.Well done & thanks lot for the team...

2011-01-03 11:11 AM
Sri Lanka
Well Done!

2010-12-31 02:40 AM
Sri Lanka
This site is very useful one.I search some UML totorials from this but I couldnt find them from here.But other content of the site is very helpful to me.Greate work

Charith Amila
2010-12-30 01:02 PM
Sri Lanka

Chanaka Nandana
2010-12-30 12:37 PM
Sri Lanka
Very good . it helps alot.Laughing

2010-12-29 10:12 AM
Sri Lanka
this site very value elama elakiri aiya
All the Best you'r Team

Chanaka Fernando
2010-12-19 02:35 PM
Sri Lanka
Really This Web Site is the Best!! I Don't have tell any Words About this Web site.............. Best and Max....thanks!
All the Best your Team!! 

Kalani Gunawardana
2010-12-18 06:49 PM
Sri Lanka
Thanks 4 theae videos
I hope to learn classes & objects in C++ by video from u
If u help me its grade for me
Thanks a lot.............Smile

Tharaka Weragama
2010-12-16 07:32 PM
Sri Lanka
...............Thank u for these videos.
I got knowledge from it.
thank u again.continu this.................

2010-12-16 01:16 PM
Sri Lanka
aay kiyala wadannae wade mar!
java gamburatama yan....

2010-12-13 01:37 PM
Sri Lanka
elama kiri .........thanks a lot & wish u all da best.....

2010-12-05 11:49 PM
Sri Lanka
Wih your all the Best!!!

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